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Cat Baskets and Other Wicker Cat Equipment

Cat baskets are lovely pieces of wicker furniture for cats. In the shape of round baskets, cat baskets are basically baskets that are organic in shape and have no handles. These can serve as comfortable cat beds, especially when lined with a soft and cozy material, as well as heat pads and pillows for keeping cats warm during the winter season. Mostly created out of willow, these baskets for cats are solid in structure and are available in various sizes. Some can even be used by two cats at once.

The most common type of wicker cat basket pet product is a simple round, organic structure without a handle, and with a small cutout at the front. This type of cat basket allows a cat to get into the cat basket with ease, without the structure toppling over. A more complex version of this cat basket has a high back portion that is round and organic in shape. The shape allows for a more cozy experience in using the cat basket, as the shape “cradles” a cat resting or sleeping in the basket.


Double bed type wicker cat baskets are now made in various shapes, some of which are more complex. One such type is a double bed. This cat basket has a sort of “igloo” shape at the bottom, and a small entrance that is just right for the size of an adult cat. Right on top of this double bed is a round basket that functions like an open bed. This structure allows for one cat to sleep in cozy comfort in the “igloo”, and another to rest or sleep on the top “bunk”. For single cat households, this type of structure also gives a cat the option to choose either bunk for sleeping. The “igloo” structure is perfect for colder days of the year, while the open bunk on top, for warmer days. Either way, cats are sure to love this type of cat basket because of the option to choose between the two bunks, and because wicker is a material that is organic and softer than other materials used for┬áthis type of thing

There are also wicker cat baskets that serve as cat carriers. These are mostly igloo-like in shape and have a wicker or wooden handle right at the top. The entrance sits at the front portion of the cat basket and is mostly circular in shape. The wire door for this wicker cat carrier has a lock that secures the door in place. These types of cat baskets are perfect for when you need to transport your cat to the vet, on a hot summers day. When set on the ground, this wicker cat basket can also work as a cat bed, when not being used as a carrier.